Fluid Mechanics

(Graduate level)-Fall 2009 at LSU

Lec01 - Introduction & Motivation - What is it? Why do we need it?
Lec02 - Intro to vectors & tensors. Index notation.
Lec03 - Vector Calculus & An Introduction to Curvilinear Coordinates
Lec04 - A derivation of the Navier Stokes Equations
Lec05 - Rectilinear Flows
Lec06 - Laminar Flow in a Pipe, Taylor Couette Flow, and Stokes Flow
Lec07 - An Impulsively Started Plate
Lec08 - Impulsively Started Flow in a Pipe & An Introduction to COMSOL
Lec09 - Impulsively Started Flow ina Pipe (cont.)
Lec10 - Flow Past a Sphere
Lec11 - COMSOL Solution of Flow Past a Sphere
Lec12 - Ideal Fluids - 2D Potential Flows
Lec13 - Flow Past a Cylinder
Lec14 - Boundary Layer Theory
Lec15 - Boundary Layer Theory (cont.)
Lec16 - Prandtl Boundary Layer Theory
Lec17 - Boundary Layer Theory - Integral Equations
Lec18 - COMSOL Boundary Layer & Perturbation Technique
Lec19 - Singular Perturbation Theory
Lec20 - Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory
Lec21 - Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
Lec22 - Turbulence