Courses Taught by Dr. Nandakumar

I have always had an interest in using technology in the class room to assist the students in learning. For example I introduce and demonstrate the use of software like MATLAB, MAPLE, ASPEN, HYSYS, COMSOL etc in various courses that I teach.

Recently I started to use a Tablet PC and a screen recording software (Total recorder for example) to capture both the audio and video of my lectures.

I have listened to and enjoyed recorded lectures by eminent faculty such as Prof. Gilbert Strang at MIT on applied mathematics and computational science. The Khan Academy is another inspiring example of sharing the knowledge with the world through the internet.

In my own small way, I would like to share with the world my lectures on some of the recent courses that I have taught since moving to LSU.  They are not edited or  polished professionally. They come as is (with all the goofs in the class room). The students who have taken this course have found it useful to have such a resource. I normally upload the recorded version the day after the actual lecture in the class room.

If you find them useful, and feel like encouraging such activities, please visit and contribute to the Khan Academy in any way you can, whether your own lectures or just donations to make such things possible. In my view what Khan Academy is doing is much more valuable to humanity as it addresses K-12 group. is equally important for higher education.